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Missing Ninja are shinobi who have no allegiance to any of the hidden villages. They are not always criminals, but due to the power that shinobi are capable of achieving, there are standing bounties on any missing ninja that are discovered. Missing Ninja can be the subject of sneak attacks at any point unless they are inside their hideout or if the Kage of that nation’s village grants permission to live within their borders. If a Missing Ninja wants to enter a village, they must spend two weeks sneaking into the village. Once this has been done, unless they are recognized or cause trouble, they will not be subjected to sneak attacks.

In order to become a missing ninja, you have to either abandon or be kicked out from a village, or start outside of the village system.  Unlike normal ninja ranks, missing ninja ranks are assigned by the Kage of whatever land you are residing in. The Kage of your village is the one who will declare you as a missing ninja and it takes a Kage to reinstate you into the village system if you decide to do so. They can reinstate you to whatever rank that they deem necessary.

Hideouts are the strongholds of missing ninja, the equivalent level of safety as a village. A missing ninja cannot be the victim of a sneak attack while in their hideout. In order for a hideout to be attacked, the attackers must spend two weeks searching for the hideout and then another week assaulting it. There are various upgrades that can be purchased for a hideout as well, which can be found in the Village Upgrades portion of the Ninja Manual.


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