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Post by Admin on Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:50 am

Welcome to Shinobi Legacy! In order to ensure that everyone here has a pleasant experience, there are a few rules that are in place. If you follow these rules, you will be a valued member of the community. If you break any, however, you will be subject to punishment from our staff.

  1. Only one character per account. You are allowed to make 2 different characters, but each character must have a separate account.
  2. Be active! If you’re inactive for more than a month, you will be removed from the active roster.
  3. Don’t spam. Spamming includes posts shorter than a sentence, posts that have annoying pictures or links, advertising, or other posts that do not contribute to the topic.
  4. Don’t bump posts less than 24 hours old.
  5. No nudity. No exceptions. Post something inappropriate and you will be banned. In roleplays, keep it PG-13 or R rated but no overtly sexual content.
  6. Don’t argue with the staff. Discussion and desire for improvement is a good thing, but blatant disrespect is not. If there is a real issue with something a staff member has done, send a PM to myself.
  7. No cheating. This includes editing stats without having them approved, god-modding, meta-gaming, roleplaying in locations that you aren’t actually present, or controlling/killing other characters or site-made NPCs without permission from that character or site admin.
  8. Referees cannot ref their own battles or have their characters interfere in the battle in any way.
  9. Referees cannot void battles, there will always be a winner and a loser. If one of the players has not posted in 72 hours, they will automatically forfeit the battle.
  10. Advertising is only permitted in the advertisement forum.
  11. If there is an issue, PM one of the staff members regarding the issue and the staff will attempt to get the issue resolved.
  12. Punishments may be rendered at admin’s discretion and include: verbal warning, official warning, temporary suspension, stat reductions, account ban, and permanent ban.


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