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Post by Admin on Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:33 pm

In Shinobi Legacy, each character will be represented by four main stats as well as a special fifth stat. This is how the site is able to balance the time and effort of players who have worked hard to become stronger without making it impossible for new players to get anywhere. The stats are a basic guideline of how powerful your character is, but that doesn't mean that someone with a higher stat is automatically unbeatable by someone with lower stats. We want to ensure that a player's time and effort are taken into account but also allow quality of roleplay to be the deciding factor in fights between player characters or NPCs.

Stat Categories

Strength: The physical might of your character. This stat determines the power behind your physical combos and attacks as well as lifting objects and other examples of applying physical force to a person or object.

Speed: Determines how fast your character can move. This includes reaction time and ability to process information in a battle. Speed also determines the number of actions that you receive per post in a battle.

Endurance: Determines your ability to take a hit. The higher your endurance stat, the more powerful an attack will need to be to cause you real damage and the easier you will be able to continue fighting after being damaged.

Chakra: The amount of chakra that your character possesses which they can use to perform jutsu. Chakra is unique in that you may take the sum of your other stats divided by three and add it to your base chakra stat in order to ensure that people who are more focused on a physical build can still gain chakra for use in their attacks. ( Final Chakra = Base Chakra + (Strength+Speed+Endurance)/3 )

Life Force: Life force is a special stat that is the inner strength of a character. This stat is not used except in specific circumstances, but it allows for certain techniques or abilities to have a special cost to them. See Life Force rules for more information on the specifics of the stat.


Technique Points (TP): Skill points are used to learn new jutsus through training.

Ryo: The money that is used to purchase items or equipment.

Specialization Points (SP): Points that can be used to purchase specialization levels.

Gaining Stats

Upon character creation, each stat will receive 10 points. You will also receive an additional 30 points to distribute among your stats. Each week, you can spend time training to receive 3 stat points to distribute among your stats at will and you can gain stats from successfully completing missions, spars, or battles.


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