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RP Report Guidelines Empty RP Report Guidelines

Post by Admin on Sun May 06, 2018 10:42 am

Once you have finished your roleplay, post your RP report here following this format. A mod will look over and approve it. Once your report has been approved, you have 2 weeks to claim the rewards in your updates. If possible, try and place all of your RPs for the week in the same report so that the bonuses forum isn’t filled up too quickly. Finally, if you’ve been doing a group RP, have only one person report the RP for the entire group.

RP Title: Name of the thread.
RP Link: Link your RP, duh.
Participants: Post the names of everyone involved, each person's individual word count and the total word count for the thread.
Quest Rewards: State the official rewards that would be given by the quest or whichever techniques you trained to learn.
Date Complete:


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